Vibratory Screed MCD

With a pad system which avoids vibration for the operator and accelerator in the handle.

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The Menegotti Vibrating Screeds allow the work to be executed in ergonomic and comfortable positions if compared with conventional methods, which leads to greater yield. This equipment is quick, compact and attains a high efficiency level, providing better uniformity and finishing of the surface. Ideal for leveling, flattening and finishing in concrete floors.

Product Warranty: 6 months

Type MCD
Weight without Screed Blade 12,7 kg
Rotation 5000 a 7000 rpm
Screed Blade Size 1,8 • 3,0 mm
Weight 4,3 kg  • 7,2 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 0,65 liters
Engine Gasoline 4 Stroke - Air Cooling Honda Gx35 1,6 hp - 7000 rpm
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