Electric Finishing Machine MDE MAX

Electric Finishing Machine MDE MAX

High performance with minimum effort.

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Ideal to complement high productivity in mechanized projection systems. Much more quality for all types of coatings. Produces up to 80 m² / h. (depending on the type of material). Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the speed of rotation, this equipment satisfies the requirements of any type of work, thus adapting to the requirements of the operator.

Power Supply Voltage 220V
Motor  Power 0.8 kW
Dimensions L x W x H 600 x 420 x 350 mm
Tank Capacity 3 liters
Disc Diameter Ø 400 mm
Disc Under Vacuum Nominal Speed 80 a 120 rpm
Total Weight 28 kg
Operator Group Weight 4 kg
Additional Features Interchangeable discs • Adjustable speed • Integrated water pump
Accompany Transformer group • Water sprayer • 15 meter cable length • 1 black rough plaster polypropylene disc• 1 thin and premixed plaster sponge discs • 1 clear protective goggles • 1 Gray polypropylene case for transporting and storing the equipment.
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