In the social part, the company strengthens the relationship with the community by awareness in schools / colleges and encouraging volunteering among employees with donations of food, toys and clothing to entities in Menegotti region.

The Group has a very beautiful space in Jaraguá do Sul, dedicated to sports activities available to the employee, also their dependents and the community. It has a soccer field, sports gym, barbecue grills, bocce ball, playground, pool table for integration and recreation.

Ethics is present in the corporate environment of Menegotti, which generates successful relations with customers, vendors, coworkers, stockholders and the community. Read the Menegotti Code of Ethics and learn about the management and positioning expected by the company in the relationship with its various target groups. Also in this subject, the company develops its employees through the following programs:


Prolim – Career  

Prolim is a training program that aims to enable leaders to succeed in people management.

The career plan is linked to the evaluations of performance, which make the individual and organizational objectives clear and transparent. Furthermore, the evaluation aids in the process of development, encourages the commitment to  results and helps to support the processes of Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Remuneration and Promotion and Career and Succession Plan.

To maintain and develop our talents, Menegotti  adopts competitive and updated salary structure with comparable parameters in the regions of performance.


Education Investments

Menegotti invests in the qualification and training of its professionals, through an agreement for the conclusion of elementary and high school and scholarships for technical, undergraduate, postgraduate and language courses.


CMO – Labor Certification

The certification of employees has as main objective the constant search for the development of knowledge and ability of employees to maintain the quality standard of Menegotti products.


Youth Incentive Programs

Internship, Apprentice and Trainee: with the objective of promoting student development by putting into practice the acquired knowledge, experiencing the reality of a company, consolidating its formation and contributing to the future of the new generation.



For over 35 years Menegotti has practices the inclusion and integration of people with disabilities. Concerning for the legal, social and psychological aspects of those involved in the process.


Health and safety

The safety of the operations and health of the coworkers are issues of extreme relevance to Menegotti. That is why the coworkers who take part in CIPA (Internal Committee on Accident Prevention) and the Firefighting Group, always have the full support of management, encouraging actions and work of constant training and awareness.