Currently at Menegotti adopted various practices aimed at REDUCING ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS, such as selective collection of waste and trash, use of recycled paper for packaging, reuse of sheets used for printing and filter for suction, dust collection and smoke generated by machines.

Woods, packages, and plastics that would normally go to waste, are also reused internally at product shipments and protections.

The company has two employees dedicated to do the reuse of materials. Menegotti products also have recycled materials in their composition, and the company’s desire is to increase products in this condition.

Our plastic and rubber wheels, even cast iron parts carry recycled and reused materials, all of which are certified to the Menegotti quality standard.

The Environmental management system, certified by standard NBR ISO 14001 is also confirmation of the genuine commitment to the sustainable development of all the productive chain.

The investment in new processes and technology only increases the care of the company with the environment and society, and reinforces its performance focusing on sustainability.