Rental Light Tower

Rental Light Tower

Excellent range and autonomy.

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Indicated for the sectors of agriculture and livestock, mining, fishing industry, infrastructure works, nocturnal, social and sports events among others which require constant or emergency illumination.

Type Rental
Lifting Height 8,5 m
Lamp Led
Lamp Power 4 x 600 W
Tank Capacity 120 liters
Mast lifting system Electric Hoist
Leveling system Spindle-regulated shoe
Dimensions L x W x H 2877 x 1448 x 2500 mm
Weight 550 kg
Frequency | Tension 220v • 60 Hz
Operating Power 6000W
Maximum Power 6000W • 6,5 kVA
Insulation Degree B
Power Factor COS Ø 1,0
Displacement | Capacity 498 cc
Maximum Power 11,5 cv
Starting System Retractable - Electric
Fuel Diesel
Voltage Regulation Automatic AVR
Noise Level 70 dB(A)
Engine 4 Stroke - cilíndro - air cooling
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