Power Generator MGR 2400 – Gasoline

Safe equipment with great durability and easy maintenance.

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Indicated for use on locations without network power and can act as main or supplementary source. With excellent performance and low fuel consumption. The noise level is extremely low. The models of this line are single phase.

Type MGR 2400
Frequency 60 Hz
Tension 110/220V
Operating Power 2400W
Maximum Power 2900W • 2,9 kVA
Voltage Regulation Automatic AVR
Insulation Degree B
Power Factor COS Ø 1.0
Displacement • Capacity 163 CC
Maximum Power 5,5 CV
Starting System retractable
Fuel Gasoline
Tank Capacity 15 l
Autonomy 13,2 h
Crankcase Oil Volume 0,6 l
Noise Level 68 dB (A)
Dimensions L x W x H 605 x 460 x 460 mm
Empty Weight 43,5 kg
Engine 4 stroke • 1 cylinder • Air Cooling • OHV
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