Power Trowel MAC 46 with engine Honda

Power Trowel MAC 46 with engine Honda

Developed for smoothing and finishing concrete flooring. Reduction box reinforced with highly.

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This equipment has low maintenance cost and a prolonged useful life due to its robust. The Menegotti Surface Smoothers are available in 4 sizes and were developed for flattening and finishing in concrete floors in which greater speed and uniformity in the surface finishing are required. Developed for flattening and finishing in concrete floors. With a highly resistant aluminum reinforced reduction case with fins for dissipating heat. Chromed steel structure, with angular inclination system in the flattening blades, automatic disconnection emergency system of the equipment, bendable arm for transportation, lifting strap and rotating protection of the blades with rubber coating for corner work.

Type MAC 46
Weight with Engine 132 kg
Dimensions L x W x H 2000 x 1220 x 990 mm
Blade Speed 50 until 130 rpm
Number Of Blades 4 units
Rotor Diameter Ø 1170 mm • 46”
Engine Gasoline • 4 Stroke • Air Cooling • Honda GX 270 • 9 hp • 3600 rpm
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