Engineering and Quality Control

Menegotti has an intellectual capital formed by a team of engineers and technicians prepared to perform and apply the modern technological resources made available for Engineering. With emphasis on innovation, trends and improvement of products, always synthesized with the market and in search of new technologies.

In its manufacturing facilities, modern quality control structure, including laboratories, instruments, control systems and highly trained and effective personnel. Strict control of the process in all its stages, from the raw materials used to the final product, allows it to reach quality levels compatible with the most demanding markets.

Equipment and technologies for quality control are one of the great differentials of Menegotti, as the search for excellence in what it does and the responsibility of producing safety items for demanding markets bring with it the need for constant investments in technologies and qualifications in control of products and processes.

Among the quality control resources used the following stand out:

  • Complete laboratory for analyzing sand
  • Laboratory for analyzing receipt of product resources and raw materials
  • Laboratory for mechanical tests (including hardness and traction)
  • Laboratory for dimensional analysis (including computerized three dimensions)